burton albion corporate a side

Midland Fire took part in the May 2022 corporate 5-a-side tournament held at Burton Albion Football Ground.

The lads did us proud. A great day out and a chance for everyone to relax after a busy first half of the year.

You can see more photos from the day on the Burton Albion Website

burton albion corporate a side midland fire

burton albion corporate a side midland fire

burton albion corporate a side midland fire

burton albion corporate a side midland fire

burton albion corporate a side

midland fire ssaib certified security installers

Midland Fire are SSAIB Certified – Demonstrating competence and confidence in our ability to provide security systems to UK businesses and local authorities.

The award covers the installation, maintenance and testing of Access Control Systems, CCTV Systems and Intruder Alarm Systems.

Luke Sillito, Director comments: “With over 20 years’ experience in life safety and security systems we aim to provide the best possible service to our customers. By being SSAIB Certified for security we have a security-specific certification complimenting the 13 other certifications we hold for electrical and life safety systems. It puts the company in an excellent position to fulfil the needs of our customers, safe in the knowledge that we meet the quality standards set out by the SSAIB.”

Who are the SSAIB?

The SSAIB was set up as a non-profit organisation to ensure the competence and quality of life, safety, security, telecare systems and manned guarding services provided in the UK.

SSAIB’s schemes comply with all police policies (England, Wales, Scotland, Northern Ireland and the Irish Republic) and insurers – often as a condition of their underwriting – place particular demands on security and fire safety system providers. In the event of an incident, insurers will need to be satisfied that all reasonable precautions have been taken to mitigate risk.

The costs associated with losses in the aftermath of an incident are not just limited to the immediate losses – as such incidents often lead to longer term consequential losses to the business. Using a certificated provider should minimise the likelihood of such events and demonstrate that all reasonable steps have been taken to protect businesses and consumers.

Contact Midland Fire for commercial security systems

If you require access control, CCTV systems or intruder alarms for your business please contact Midland Fire for a free quotation and system recommendation.

midland fire cyber essentials certified

We are pleased to announce that Midland Fire have achieved Cyber Essentials Certification – Demonstrating that we have the processes and technical setup to minimise the risk of attack from cyber criminals.

Cyber Essentials is designed to provide technical controls to organisations computers and portable devices – reducing the risk of common cyber threats. it is backed by the government and the National Cyber Security Centre and required for many tender schemes.

Tim Parker, Compliance manager comments: “The process involved auditing our devices and internal network – ensuring that the software we use is supported and that devices have appropriate access control and malware protection. By doing so, we have reduced the risk of a cyber-attack on our systems.”

By meeting the standards set by Cyber Essentials, Midland Fire are well positioned to meet the IT security needs of existing and future contracts. Looking for a new fire alarm provider? Please get in touch for a free consultation.

midland fire warwick castle fire alarm install

Warwick Castle has appointed Midland Fire Security Services to manage, upgrade and maintain its fire safety systems, guarding more than 1000 years of history for generations to come.

As the incumbent fire safety provider, Midland Fire will protect the castle and estate buildings on the 64-acre site including the Knight’s Village. The mediaeval-themed woodland retreat has become a jewel in the crown of the Warwick Castle experience since opening in 2016, with lodges, glamping tents, a banqueting hall and over one kilometre of raised wooden boardwalk to guide visitors around the site.

The Staffordshire-based firm was invited to assess the fire alarm systems in place at the Knight’s Village site, to review and enhance the fire detection system throughout the outdoor boardwalk area. Following their successful assessment and upgrade at the site, Midland Fire has now been awarded the service contract for the entire Warwick Castle estate.

A bespoke approach to fire safety solutions

The extensive woodland setting at the Knight’s Village site created its own logistical and environmental challenges for the team at Midland Fire.

Following a thorough assessment of the area, including the potential effects on the fire safety system design from the weather and local wildlife, a robust solution was created to provide complete protection.

After careful planning, the answer, aptly for the site, was armour, with the team opting for a strong, stainless steel braided linear heat detection cable network interfaced with the existing Protec fire alarm system.


Thomas Sleath, Business Development Manager at Midland Fire Security Services said: “As Warwick Castle’s new fire safety provider, the logistics of the Castle, its many outbuildings and the Knight’s Village site, offered us an interesting challenge.

“Our bespoke fire safety solution incorporates fully networked GENT Vigilon fire alarm systems, air sampling fire alarm detection in key areas, and strong, braided linear heat detection cable from our project partner, Patol, to complete this complex fire safety solution and offer full protection to this historic site.”


Matthew Halford, Head of Facilities at Warwick Castle said: “We have been very pleased with the good value and straightforward proposals for new installations provided by Midland Fire, followed by great quality installations. This ultimately led us to award the full maintenance contract from 1st January 2022.”

Linear Heat Detection Cable

The design of Patol’s linear heat detection cable ensures vital early detection of fire and overheating alerts. Encased in armour worthy of a knight, the strong stainless steel braided coating offers maximum protection for use in challenging or extreme conditions.

This advanced heat detection method is essential in circumstances where more standard forms of point detection, such as smoke alarms or heat detection, wouldn’t work due to the location or setting.

The outdoor nature of the Boardwalk at Knight’s Village required the cable network to have protection from environmental impacts, such as exposure to the elements or risk of interference from wildlife.

The cable network detects any warning signs, including hazards at temperatures well below flame point. If an issue is detected, it triggers a real-time alert to the monitor unit which is interfaced with the existing Protec fire alarm system, which not only raises the alarm but pinpoints the exact position and threat level so immediate action can be taken.

Linear Heat Detection Cable Monitor

The Patol linear heat detection cable monitor feeds information from the heat detection cable directly through to the Protec Fire Alarm System. This alerts both the Knight’s Village reception and Warwick Castle’s security team of any issues and displays the exact distance along the cable network to the zone that requires attention, providing crucial information about the level of risk and its exact location.

The monitor also has an end of line terminator with a key switch facility to carry out weekly tests and a reset function to allow for regular fire drills and service/planned maintenance checks.

End of Line Terminators for easy fire alarm maintenance

Patol’s End of Line Terminators complete the bespoke fire safety solution by monitoring the linear heat detection cable for any faults. The key control function enables easy transition between fire, fault, and normal operational settings allowing for easy testing, maintenance checks and reporting along the length of the cable network.

GENT Vigilon fire alarm systems and life-safety solutions

The Castle itself is covered by a fully networked GENT Vigilon Fire Alarm System incorporating life-saving Wagner air sampling detectors, which continually monitor the air within the area of coverage to provide vital early smoke detection.

This advanced sensing technology utilises (HPLS) high power light source technology, which detects and assesses any potential threats using sensors, reducing the chance of false alarms.

Warwick Castle’s 18th-century Conservatory Tea House and warehouse building were also recently upgraded to the GENT Vigilon Compact fire alarm systems and S-Quad loop devices to feed real-time information to the control panels.

Regular maintenance and additional fire safety measures

To ensure the Castle and its grounds are fully protected, Midland Fire provides rigorous planned maintenance service checks at regular intervals throughout the year.

These checks include preventative testing, fire drills, cable inspections/reporting and robust testing of all fire alarm systems and their networks to ensure full compliance with BS 5839 under the Fire Industry Association’s (FIA) guidance.


Thomas Sleath added: “We’re delighted to be able to play our part in protecting this historically important tourist attraction for the future. Our bespoke solution provides full fire alarm coverage to all areas of the Warwick Castle site.”

At Midland Fire, we’ll work with you to plan and deliver the optimum fire safety solution for your premises, including ongoing maintenance, support, and fire safety training. At Midland Fire WE PROTECT.

For more information and a free consultation contact Midland Fire Security Services Ltd.

walkers crisps fire alarm maintenance

We are delighted to announce that Midland Fire have been awarded the site planned maintenance contract for life safety equipment at Walkers Snack Foods (Leicester) – Leycroft and Bursom Road Sites. The site manufactures and packs a range of products under the Walkers brand distributed throughout the UK.

Upgrading the existing Fire Detection System

As part of the service Midland Fire recently completed the upgrade of full site control panels from an Advanced Mx4 panels to Advanced Mx5 Pro panels.

The Advanced Mx4 is a powerful piece of equipment however has been superseded so by upgrading to the latest Mx5 Pro panel we are able to guarantee availability of spare parts and have full confidence in the system moving forward.

The panels are connected to Hochiki loop devices with numerous Vesda aspiration smoke detectors. The system provides continuous air sampling – ensuring the earliest possible warning of a potential fire hazard. The control panels link to a brand new DRAX front end system so that the system status can be monitored from a central location. New Dell IT equipment was sourced to ensure reliability of system monitoring.

Midland Fire will also be responsible for fixed extinguishing systems and water mist deluge systems throughout the site – Ensuring the safety of staff and visitors in the event of an emergency.

Comprehensive Fire Alarm Maintenance

The service contract is based on Midland Fire’s Gold Service Plan. The plan is designed to offer a high level of service with consistent pricing throughout the life of the contract. Spare parts, an annual service and emergency call outs with a 4-hour response time 24/7 are included in the plan. Regular Inspection and testing visits are conducted throughout the year by our team of experienced Fire Alarm Engineers.

Business development manager Thomas Sleath has been working on the project: “Its great to see another international business like Walkers Snack Foods utilising local suppliers for essential services like life safety system maintenance. For any business in the food industry downtime results in problems throughout the supply chain and impacts profitability. By working with us we are able to help minimise the risk of false alarms and fire emergencies on site”

Looking for someone to maintain your Fire Alarm System?

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midland fire security apprenticeships
midland fire security apprenticeships

Midland Fire Security Apprenticeships. 4th Year Apprentice Jimmy with course tutor / lecturer Dave Peach.

National Apprenticeship Week runs from the 7th – 13th February 2022 to celebrate the young people and businesses investing in individuals to help the wider business economy.

This year’s theme is how we will ‘build the future’ reflecting on how individuals develop the skills and knowledge required for a rewarding career and develop a talented workforce for the future of UK business. We wanted to take a moment to celebrate and raise awareness of our current apprentices working to become qualified Electricians.

Electrotechnical Apprenticeship 1st Year Charlie working on a fire alarm control panel

Electrotechnical Apprenticeship 1st Year Charlie working on a fire alarm control panel.

Electrotechnical Apprenticeships at Midland Fire

Midland Fire Security Services have 7 apprentices all at different stages of their Level 3 Electrotechnical Qualification – Installation (C&G). This includes 2x Stage 1, 2x Stage 2 and 3x Stage 3.
On successful completion learners will have achieved the industry desired level of competence to carry out specific roles within the industry.
Each apprentice ‘Earns while they learn’ receiving a salary designed to cover living expenses during their training. Upon completion of training, apprentices are offered a full-time position within the business.

Midland Fire Apprentices get block release (1 week at a time) to attend Burton Training Organisation (BTOL) Ltd. BTOL operates in association with Derby College – teaching both practical and theoretical lessons in preparation for work on site.

On the job training takes place in-between – The apprentices will attend sites with Midland Fire installation teams where they will learn practical skills with supervision.

Jack Sillito, Director at Midland Fire: “Apprenticeships are vital for our future staffing requirements. It means we can train staff from the start of the careers helping them develop into excellent electricians and fire alarm engineers. Once qualified, they can start a role within the business and hit the ground running – already familiar our way of working. A worthwhile investment to secure the future of our business.”


electrotechnical apprenticeship harry midland fire

Electrotechnical Apprenticeship 2nd Year Harry working on an electrical installation.

Grant Funding Awarded

Midland Fire was successful in securing the Staffordshire Means Back To Business Apprenticeship 500 Grant – Helping contribute towards the cost of training. We’d like to thank Staffordshire County Council for their support and look forward to seeing our apprentices learn and develop into skilled electricians and installers.

Looking for an apprenticeship?

If you would like to know more about our apprentice roles or are considering your options after finishing school please contact us and we’ll be happy to answer any questions that you have.

fire alarm protocols closed open managed comparison

As a leading Fire Alarm Provider, Midland Fire Security Services are frequently asked what the difference is between different fire detection systems and protocols. We wanted to provide some clear information so that you can make an informed decision when choosing your Fire Alarm provider.

What is a Fire Alarm Protocol?

In fire detection systems a protocol is the language which allows communication between different devices. Sounders, call points and control modules etc. will need to communicate with the Fire Alarm Control Panel using the same protocol.

Typically these systems can be divided into three categories: Open Protocol, Closed Protocol and Managed Protocol

Closed Protocol Fire Alarm Systems

In a Closed Protocol System, the panel and devices are manufactured by the same company. Engineer functions can only be worked on by the manufacturer. System modifications or fault repairs would need to be carried out by the manufacturer directly.


  • Company working on system will be approved and have correct understanding helping meet legislative duties and requirements of BS5839.1 2017.
  • All components made by one manufacturer.
  • All software provided by one company.
  • All technical support & training provided by one company.
  • Software only supplied to trained personnel.
  • All faults must be down the manufacturer or Installer.


  • Lack of choice for consumers.
  • No options commercially, stuck with single supplier so costs tend to be higher for additions, call-outs, service and maintenance.
  • Life time cost of owning the system is higher in most circumstances.

Open Protocol Fire Alarm Systems

In an Open Protocol System, the panel and devices may be manufactured by different companies – as long as they are compatible. Equipment available to anyone via wholesalers and work can be carried out by any contractor.


  • Available for any contractor to carry out modifications and fault finding.
  • Lots of options commercially, so tends to be lower cost.


  • No training required, so no proof of competence.
  • Easy access to software can lead to untrained engineers working on systems.
  • Like all Analogue Addressable fire systems, once a manufacturers equipment is installed, only one equipment supplier can be used.
  • Panels can still be locked out so an end user can be tied to a single supplier.
  • Different manufacturers for panels & devices – when things do go wrong, more than one company may have to be involved to find a solution, software, etc.
  • End users are not always given full functionality of equipment.
  • May not have technical support from the manufacturer.

Managed Protocol Fire Alarm Systems

A Managed Protocol System is a middle ground between Open / closed protocols. Engineer functions can be provided by contractors but only with approval from the manufacturer. This helps ensure systems are set up correctly but gives the client freedom to choose their own contractor from a pre-approved list.


  • Any contractor / company working on the system will be approved and have correct training and expertise – helping meet legislative duties and requirements of BS5839.1 2017.
  • Choice from a wide selection of companies to work on the system.
  • Contractors will have 3rd party accreditations (such as BAFE) as a requirement for approval.
  • Commercially you have choice, usually a lot of options meaning competitive pricing.


  • Limited companies able to work on the system – But more than in a Closed Protocol System.

Can I use equipment from different providers Together?

Once a fire alarm system is installed the field of devices selected dictate that any additional replacement device must use the same protocol. Therefore, devices from other manufactures are not compatible when installed on the same addressable loop.

Does the protocol give freedom of choice?

Customers can choose any protocol for their fire alarm system however once the choice is made they are locked in to the performance of the fire alarm system using that protocol. To change from one protocol to another would involve replacing the entire system.

The most important factor is that the system chosen meets the required legal standards with the ability to expand if the business needs change.

Contact Midland Fire to arrange a free site survey

Midland Fire offer Open and Managed Protocol Systems from reputable manufacturers, giving customers more choice.

If you would like more information please call us on 01283 741000 or email: info@midlandfire.com

midland fire security siemens solution partner

We are excited to announce that Midland Fire Security Services have been appointed as a Siemens Solution Partner.

From the start of 2022 Midland Fire can specify and install a range of high-quality open protocol fire detection products from Siemens – adding to our existing service offering.

Dan Sillito at Midland Fire: “Midland Fire have chosen to partner with Siemens to bolster our open protocol system offering focusing on the high quality and reliability of their detectors and electronics. By becoming a Siemens Solutions Partner we are able to offer another top-quality open protocol system alongside our current well-established system offerings. We feel this It gives our customers more choice and flexibility over the type of system we install and means we can reach a greater proportion of the market. We look forward to our first Siemens installation in 2022.”

Advanced product Training and Knowledge

As a partner company. Midland Fire staff are fully trained on Siemens Cerberus PRO products. In addition to this we hold third party certifications including BAFE LPS1014. Click here to see our full accreditation list.

Midland fire Security Services Ltd is listed on the Siemens website as Cerberus PRO Fire Partners. You can see the listing by following the website link below. https://new.siemens.com/uk/en/products/buildingtechnologies/fire-partners.html

New products from Siemens

siemens cerberus fire alarm system products

Siemens Cerberus Fire Alarm System

Siemens Solution Partners can install and service the latest Cerberus PRO fire protection system. Cerberus PRO devices feature built-in high-performance isolators. These keep the alarm device active even if there a short on the loop, ensuring maximum protection of people and premises.

Fire and false alarms cost the UK economy £1 billion a year with fire services attending almost 225,000 callouts annually (Fire Statistics Gov.uk and The London Fire Brigade). Siemens Cerberus PRO Advance Signal Analysis (ASA) detectors can identify the cause of fumes before setting off the full alarm. The fire alarm only goes off in case of a real emergency, so occupants know to respond. No more paying the price of burnt toast!

With Siemens Cerberus PRO fire panels even if the control unit CPU fails, the fire control panel continues to works in degraded mode operation meaning continued protection and no downtime.

By choosing Siemens Midland Fire can provide the latest technology and peace of mind to customers at a competitive price.

Contact Midland Fire to arrange a free site survey

If you would like more information please call us on 01283 741000 or email: info@midlandfire.com

aston university main building

Midland Fire Security Services Ltd recently completed the upgrade of electrical works at Aston University’s main building – improving the existing electrical infrastructure while ensuring compliance with the latest IET Wiring Guidelines.

The objective of this project was to replace obsolete tap off units, located on the power and lighting rising busbars to 8 floors of the main building, the project is known as phase 4 of previous similar works at the university.

As the appointed principal contractor Midland Fire was expected to plan, manage, monitor and coordinate the entire construction phase. Principal contractors have an important role in managing health and safety risks during the construction phase so they must have the skills, knowledge, experience and, where relevant, organisational capability to carry out this work. Sub-contractor management was key to ensuring the process went smoothly with minimal disruptions to university activities.

The principle contractor is expected to meet or exceed The Construction (Design and Management) Regulations 2015 – Ensuring accountability and a high standard of service and quality of workmanship.

Project Management and Planning

The main building features laboratories used for research and a constant power supply is required to keep essential equipment like freezers and fridges turned on. A temporary power supply to essential equipment was provided to avoid disruption.

Sub-contractors were specified for certain aspects of the project. This included builders, data specialists, fire stop specialists, cupboard installers and decorators.

A Successful Tender Process Based on Quality

As with all public tenders, the client assessed the proposed methodology and planning of all bidders. This was an important part of the tender, as the chosen contractor needed to provide all aspects of the installation. This Phase 4 project had been carried out 3 previous times by the university and on each occasion the project was not completed within the timescales as planned because of the previous contractor’s execution of works. The evaluation process was based on quality (planning, methodology and previous experience) and price.

Experience in Electrical Works with Planned Shutdowns

As the nominated framework provider for electrical works at the university, Midland Fire had already completed works at other buildings on campus. This helped provide clear evidence that they could deliver the contract with minimal disruption to university activities.

Previous projects including Electrical Installations at The Medical School, MB 7 Workplace, The Library (HV Switch Room Panel Extension) and Student Guild Demolition and Car Park Extension. All of which included an element of planned shutdown works. Midland Fire currently has an on-site presence of 4-8 engineers daily carrying out planned and reactive maintenance.


Aston University Busbar Upgrades

Before and After Installation Of New Tap off Units And IFE Ethernet Modules

Upgrading the existing power distribution system

The main building uses a series of vertical and horizontal Busbars to distribute power. They are controlled by tap off units on each floor. Originally installed in the 1950s, the tap off units at the main building were obsolete and in need of replacement.

Rising busbars are vertical metal containment systems containing copper bars – sending electricity around the building. Horizontal bars send electricity to distribution boards (mains switches) which are split into power and lighting.

Tap off units are mains switches that control power to each horizontal busbar. They make up a crucial part of the infrastructure of the building.

Quality Products

All products and equipment specified by the University are manufactured by reputable companies – known for reliability. Midland Fire procured the electrical switchgear from MCH Electrical Systems Ltd, these custom built enclosures were colour coded – applicable to the building location, lockable and housed Schneider Electric MCCB’s and Interface Ethernet (IFE) Modules.


schneider electric mccbs


IFE Electrical Metering

The Schneider Electric Interface Ethernet (IFE) module allows the university to view, control, and streamline data from electrical equipment assets, helping to reduce costs and improve uptime. A central control unit is used the monitor electricity use in real-time.

The Benefits of Electrical Metering Usage for the University

Adam Reilly Estates Engineering Manager, said “The low voltage distribution network within the Main Building is a mesh of vertical and horizontal busbars dating back to the 1950s. The system design gives us lots of supply options and resilience, including operating the system as a mesh of open LV rings. Whilst the copper busbars are in good condition, the tap off switches are ageing and require replacing. The upgrade project is being carried out over six phases, with phase four just being completed. MFSS have completed two phases of the project.

“The tap off switches are being replaced with Schneider NSX MCCBs within individual lockable enclosures. The Schneider Facility Expert system is also being included, with IFEs being installed in each tap off box. This allows us to monitor contact wear, breaker position and metering data by connecting to the device IP address. The data from the Schneider Facility Expert devices is also transmitted to our AM&T system provided by component, allowing metering data to be processed by our campus metering system without the need to install additional meters.”

On-site Works & Planned Shutdown

A weekend isolation and shutdown period was planned to prevent disruption to normal week day working hours. Midland Fire completed as much of the work as possible before the shutdown period such as cable containment and cable installation. All potential equipment had been prepared prior to the event.

An on-site team of Midland Fire staff including 6 Electricians, 3 apprentices and 1 Foreman carried out the works. Work included removing the existing switchgear and installing new units – terminating at the vertical and horizontal Busbar system. To support and assist the university estates team, experienced electricians and Midland Fire managers – Luke and Jack were also on-site.

Projection Completion

The operation was successfully completed 24 hours before the end of the 48-hour isolation window. This gave Midland Fire and the Estates Team plenty of time to carry out testing and inspection of the new installation. After the successful re-energisation of the electrical infrastructure, all temporary supplies to the laboratory and research equipment were removed ready for the start of the working week.

James Timmis, Project Officer said  “Midland Fire has successfully completed many electrical and fire alarm projects under my direction since I have been working at the University. This project was a highly complex electrical infrastructure upgrade with associated building works, undertaken within one of the most sensitive areas of the Main Building on campus, which houses over 30 laboratories of various disciplines. These laboratories were in use, with live experiments running throughout the period of works, so it was business critical to the University that these works were completed within the limited timeframes available.

Not only were the works completed to a very high standard, but also well within the available timeframes. MFSS also sub-contracted and managed the associated building works, which were completed around the needs of the business in a prompt and professional manner.

Overall, MFSS more than delivered in line with the agreed specification for this project and I would not hesitate to recommend them for similar works in future”.


For more information and a free consultation contact Midland Fire Security Services Ltd.

Alpha Tower Birmingham entrance

Grade II listed office skyscraper, Alpha Tower’s new state of the art refurbishment includes the latest fire safety technology, following a deal with Staffordshire based, Midland Fire Security Services Ltd.

The Alpha Tower has secured its place in Birmingham’s heritage since opening its doors over 50 years ago. The 28 storey building was the former home of ATV, which formed part of ITV’s regional television network, producing classic programmes including Tiswas, Crossroads and Bullseye until 1982.

Now owned by property company, CEG group, the iconic tower has recently undergone a £20million refurbishment, transforming the building into a state of the art, flexible workspace combined with lifestyle and wellness services, designed to deliver the perfect work-life balance.

The iconic Alpha Tower in Birmingham

The iconic Alpha Tower in Birmingham

Midland Fire Security Services were brought on board to ensure the Alpha building not only met but exceeded fire safety standards and compliance throughout the extensive refurbishment and to secure the safety of the building and its occupants for the future.

Fire detection and life safety system planning

With 196,000 square feet of office accommodation, breakout spaces, a cafe, wellness studio and gym, the Alpha Tower presented many logistical challenges to ensure full fire coverage and protection. Midland Fire carried out a full assessment and evaluation to identify the specific requirements and recommendations for each aspect of the project.

This service included planning and design, through to installation, commissioning and maintenance of fire detection systems and fire alarm systems to B5839-1:2017 Category L1.

Thomas Sleath Business Development Manager at Midland Fire Security Services said: “It has been a pleasure working to protect such an iconic building as the Alpha Tower. We worked closely with DP Designs of Bromsgrove, to deliver a seamless, phased, service throughout the refurbishment and going forward.”

Maintenance and implementation of life safety systems

As part of this service, Midland Fire deliver quarterly maintenance visits to manage the project and ensure full fire safety compliance at each stage. The service visits enable the team to pinpoint and highlight any potential issues and implement the required improvements to adhere to the BS5839 safety standard.

Following recommendations from a routine service visit, the team installed upgrades to the Alpha Tower’s GENT Vigilon fire alarm system. This provides full fire alarm system coverage to adhere to the BS5839 Part 1 (2017 category L1) code of practice.

GENT Vigilon fire alarm systems monitor activity throughout the building, with each of the 28 floors having its own fire alarm control panel installed. Each control panel is linked to Local Loop Devices on that floor, feeding detailed information back to the panel.

All panels are incorporated into the GENT Vigilon fire alarm network giving a complete, real-time view of the building at all times. GENT Vigilon then feeds that information to the WINMAG PC system front end, which reports activity directly and clearly to the end-user.

Among the many benefits of the WINMAG system, any fire safety notifications can instantly be located and identified. The WINMAG system then issues an immediate alert, evaluating the situation, initiating the required action and alerting the reception area which is manned at all times.

GENT S-Quad detectors installed and networked

The fire safety system includes GENT S-Quad series detectors throughout, which feed information directly to the localised control panels. The GENT S-Quad detectors combine advanced sensing technology with multi-alarm functionality. This works in 4 ways:

  1. First, the detector uses a range of sensing elements to identify any potential threat from heat, smoke or carbon monoxide. The S-Quad can easily be programmed to allow for likely changes in key areas such as steam in bathrooms, to significantly reduce potential false alarms.
  2. Once its sensor is activated it sends an alert via the loop devices to the panel and back to control. It then sounds an alarm which can be set to change tone and sound to indicate the threat level.
  3. Tailored voice messages can also be programmed to advise occupants what to do and when to evacuate, ensuring their safety at all times.
  4. Finally, visual alarm devices (VADs) with flashing/intermittent lighting are used to ensure those with hearing loss or wearing ear defenders can be alerted, so everyone in the building can be guided to safety.

Total coverage and protection

To offer complete coverage, all the lift shafts in the Alpha building were upgraded to include state of the art Vesda Aspirating Systems, also known as Air Sampling Detectors (ASD). These devices continually monitor and evaluate the air around them to detect any impending hazard at a very early stage. This buys critical time to assess the potential threat and act accordingly.

Vesda ASDs can be programmed to detect not only potential fires in their infancy, allowing the alarm to be raised in advance of an open fire or intense smoke developing. ASDs can also be equipped to detect hazardous and combustible gases. This allows for early investigation and evacuation to protect life, property and minimise disruption.

Efficient and reliable service

 Thomas Sleath added: “The fluctuating pandemic restrictions at the time of the Alpha Tower project required us to strictly adhere to additional safety measures, which brought with them significant time constraints. However, with careful planning and the experience and expertise of our dedicated team, we managed to overcome these challenges and complete the project on time and within budget.”

At Midland Fire, we’ll work with you to plan and deliver the optimum fire safety solution for your premises, including ongoing maintenance, support and fire safety training. At Midland Fire WE PROTECT.

For more information and a free consultation contact Midland Fire Security Services Ltd.