Decarbonisation Project Lights the Way to An Eco-Friendly Future for Aston University

aston university solar panel installation

Incumbent service provider, Midland Fire Security Services has today announced the completion of Aston University’s new solar panelling on the Students’ Union and Nursery buildings, as part of Aston University’s Decarbonisation Scheme. This move will not only deliver significant energy cost savings but also marks the beginning of a greener approach for the University.

Aston University successfully secured a £2.2 million Salix Government Grant in 2021, which provides Government funding to the public sector to improve energy efficiency, reduce carbon emissions and lower energy bills, funded by the Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy, the Department for Education, along with the Welsh, and Scottish Governments.

Having already successfully provided the highly complex electrical infrastructure and state of the art Fire Alarm Systems network for the University, Midland Fire was invited to source and install the new solar panels, on the roof of the University’s Students’ Union and Nursery buildings as well install carbon-reducing LED lighting technology in the University’s research institute, library, and sports centre to complete this major project.

aston university solar panel installation

Q. Peak Duo ML-G9 (375-395) Solar Panels for Maximum Efficiency

Midland Fire opted for the Q.Peak Duo ML-G9 solar panels for the project. The Q.ANTUM DUO Z technology used in these panels has a zero-gap cell layout to maximise efficiency with no wasted space.

The Q. Peak’s innovative design delivers optimal energy yields and the system’s all-weather technology ensures the panels are robust enough to withstand extreme weather conditions including high winds and snow, as well as the ability to generate power even in low light. 

Smart PV Controller – Energy and Cost Savings at Your Fingertips

With the UK setting a target of net zero by 2050, businesses need to act now. The Smart PV Controller (SUN2000-100KTL-M1) puts you in control by harnessing energy and delivering savings. This simple design links directly to the meter, providing accurate, up to date readings and displaying the rewards in terms of cost savings and the reduction of emissions for a clear evaluation.

The installation of the solar PV systems at the nursery is estimated to deliver an annual yield of 34,211 kWh with an annual CO2 saving of 7,971kg. Not to be outdone, the Students’ Union building’s savings are estimated annually to be around 84,745 kWh giving an annual CO2 saving of 19,746 kg.

aston university solar panel installation

Thorlux Lighting – A Greener Approach

As part of this transformational project, Thorlux Lighting LED carbon-reducing lighting technology was installed. This resulted in a kWh saving per annum of nearly 60% at the University’s Energy and Bioproducts Research Institute (EBRI) building, a staggering 70.38% at the University’s library and 55.99% at the Woodcocks Sports Centre. Overall, the Aston University project will save around 430 tonnes of carbon dioxide equivalent.


James Timmis, Project Manager at Aston University said: “‘This was a challenging installation at Aston University, completed around live buildings and a busy Graduation schedule. Luke, Dave and the rest of the Midland Fire team worked hard to ensure that all works were completed on time, budget and without disrupting University events. This project, and other like it, serve to further bolster Aston University’s sustainability credentials and underline the importance placed on sustainability in all Estates projects.”


Luke Sillito, Director at Midland Fire Security Services said: This project came with significant challenges, not only to maintain the smooth running of Aston University during the works but to adhere to the strict time constraints for both access to the buildings during operational hours and to complete the project within the specified time. I would like to thank the Project team at Aston University, RIDGE and PMP Consultants for the extensive group effort required to achieve this and for helping us to make this project a resounding success.”

A Firm Foundation for a Brighter Future

The solar panels are secured to the building’s structure using Van Der Valk’s Straight Standing Seam Clamps for the pitched roof space, teamed with hammerhead bolts and mounting end clamps and a Trapezoidal fixing on the flat roof areas for maximum stability and security.


Business As Usual

The university needed to continue to offer its students, staff, visitors, and external clients the same quality of service and minimum disruption throughout the project. Any work that may cause significant noise or be disruptive to the University’s daily activities was restricted to, and completed, out of hours and any construction-related debris was cleared at the end of each shift.

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