Midland Fire is now a Fusion21 Framework Approved Supplier for Active Fire Safety

We are pleased to announce that Midland Fire has been named as a Fusion21 Framework Supplier for the next 4 years.

A fixed group of organisations have been selected to help public sector companies nationwide meet new (and current) legal requirements – With an emphasis on fire safety and building safety. As a Fusion21 Supplier Midland Fire have been assessed against a strict set of criteria including skills, knowledge, experience and behaviours (SKEB).

The company will be able to bid for works across a number of crucial public sector buildings and infrastructure. There are 14 lots on the framework with an estimated value of £880m over a four-year period.

Active Fire Safety Services

Midland Fire Security Services have been successful in “Lot 10 – Active Fire Safety” meaning that they have the skills and experience necessary to fulfil building safety projects to the required legal standards throughout the UK.

About the Fusion21 Framework

Fusion21 is a framework designed to help public sector organisations choose a supplier for key building safety services. Framework organisations can select from any of the approved suppliers in an open tender for major contracts.

A Fusion21 representative “We are delighted to welcome all of the new suppliers onto the framework, including Midland Fire Security Services Ltd. The tender process was highly competitive and the process has identified the best contractors for our members to use.”

“A further, real benefit to our members and their communities is the social value delivery that is aligned to organisational priorities and can be monitored and reported against for all call offs”

Looking for an approved Active Fire Safety Company?

Please contact Midland Fire Security Services Ltd for advice and a consultation.