Midland Fire is now a Siemens Solutions Partner

midland fire security siemens solution partner

We are excited to announce that Midland Fire Security Services have been appointed as a Siemens Solution Partner.

From the start of 2022 Midland Fire can specify and install a range of high-quality open protocol fire detection products from Siemens – adding to our existing service offering.

Dan Sillito at Midland Fire: “Midland Fire have chosen to partner with Siemens to bolster our open protocol system offering focusing on the high quality and reliability of their detectors and electronics. By becoming a Siemens Solutions Partner we are able to offer another top-quality open protocol system alongside our current well-established system offerings. We feel this It gives our customers more choice and flexibility over the type of system we install and means we can reach a greater proportion of the market. We look forward to our first Siemens installation in 2022.”

Advanced product Training and Knowledge

As a partner company. Midland Fire staff are fully trained on Siemens Cerberus PRO products. In addition to this we hold third party certifications including BAFE LPS1014. Click here to see our full accreditation list.

Midland fire Security Services Ltd is listed on the Siemens website as Cerberus PRO Fire Partners. You can see the listing by following the website link below. https://new.siemens.com/uk/en/products/buildingtechnologies/fire-partners.html

New products from Siemens

siemens cerberus fire alarm system products

Siemens Cerberus Fire Alarm System

Siemens Solution Partners can install and service the latest Cerberus PRO fire protection system. Cerberus PRO devices feature built-in high-performance isolators. These keep the alarm device active even if there a short on the loop, ensuring maximum protection of people and premises.

Fire and false alarms cost the UK economy £1 billion a year with fire services attending almost 225,000 callouts annually (Fire Statistics Gov.uk and The London Fire Brigade). Siemens Cerberus PRO Advance Signal Analysis (ASA) detectors can identify the cause of fumes before setting off the full alarm. The fire alarm only goes off in case of a real emergency, so occupants know to respond. No more paying the price of burnt toast!

With Siemens Cerberus PRO fire panels even if the control unit CPU fails, the fire control panel continues to works in degraded mode operation meaning continued protection and no downtime.

By choosing Siemens Midland Fire can provide the latest technology and peace of mind to customers at a competitive price.

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