Midland Fire Secures Fire Alarm Maintenance Contract at Dudley College of Technology

Midland Fire Security Services have recently been awarded the planned maintenance contract for Dudley College of Technology. The contract is for 3 years starting from March 2021 and includes the maintenance and testing of both conventional and addressable fire alarms throughout the college. Midland Fire will also be responsible for the maintenance of the disabled refuge system at Dudley 6th College Campus.

The College has several thousand students enrolled at any one time including apprentices, full time learners, A Level students and adult learners. With the high number of people onsite daily, having an adequate life safety system is vital. The college campus is split over several buildings, each with its own challenges and fire safety considerations.

The Broadway and Dudley 6th

Since 1931 “The Broadway” has been considered the main heart of the college. It is the largest of the colleges buildings and provides dedicated spaces for learning and socialising also acting as a home for the college’s student union. The 6th is a dedicated building complex for 6th form learning including A level studies.

The Broadway is protected by a 5-panel network of modern Gent Vigilon Control Panels with S-Quad Detectors installed throughout the building. The Dudley 6th is protected by a similar system providing reliable fire detection to alert occupants of a potential emergency.

The maintenance of Dudley 6th also includes the Disabled Refuge System with Voice Panel and Outstations (Also known as an EVCS Emergency Voice Communication System). A disabled refuge is a secure location within the building where individuals with additional mobility needs can wait for assistance during an evacuation. The individual or a carer can then use the voice communication system to contact the responsible person safely and securely for assistance.

The Motor Vehicle Centre

Located on Wolverhampton Street, the motor vehicle college provides industry standard facilities that allow students to learn through a range of practical assignments. Midland Fire will be responsible for the maintenance of the Two Gent Conventional Panels – linked together for easier management. Students work on practical assignments including welding and fabrication – minimising false alarms is crucial to the smooth running of the facility.

Wrens Hill Nature Reserve – Wardens Houses

As part of the contract Midland Fire will also be responsible for the maintenance of the Fire Alarm system at the Wrens Hill Nature Reserve (Wardens Houses). The facility is used for conservation and educational projects in conjunction with the college. A conventional Gent Fire Alarm Panel protects these facilities.


Midland Fire Security Services look forward to working with Dudley College of Technology – helping to prevent fire emergencies and  ensure the safety of staff, students and visitors at all times.

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