Midland Fire Security Services Achieves Cyber Essentials Certification

midland fire cyber essentials certified

We are pleased to announce that Midland Fire have achieved Cyber Essentials Certification – Demonstrating that we have the processes and technical setup to minimise the risk of attack from cyber criminals.

Cyber Essentials is designed to provide technical controls to organisations computers and portable devices – reducing the risk of common cyber threats. it is backed by the government and the National Cyber Security Centre and required for many tender schemes.

Tim Parker, Compliance manager comments: “The process involved auditing our devices and internal network – ensuring that the software we use is supported and that devices have appropriate access control and malware protection. By doing so, we have reduced the risk of a cyber-attack on our systems.”

By meeting the standards set by Cyber Essentials, Midland Fire are well positioned to meet the IT security needs of existing and future contracts. Looking for a new fire alarm provider? Please get in touch for a free consultation.