• Emergency Voice Call Systems
    (Disabled Refuge)

Ensure the safe evacuation of your disabled refuge area

Two-way communication systems for disabled refuge areas

It is a legal requirement that all new non-domestic buildings with more than one storey provide ‘refuge’ areas for occupants that may need help during the evacuation of a building. People that might use this facility include the physically impaired, wheelchair users, pregnant women, or anyone that requires assistance in exiting a building or area to safety.

Using a disabled refuge unit, the person waiting for assistance is able to speak directly with personnel in control of the evacuation. This can provide reassurance, keep the person updated with the situation and confirm that help is on its way.

Midland Fire have been providing disabled refuge systems to landlords and business owners for over 15 years. We have experience working with schools, universities, hotels and other public buildings to ensure the safe evacuation of occupants with additional needs. So whether you are a landlord or business owner we have the expertise to provide the right system to suit your building’s refuge area.

Who do we work with?

Whether your business premises is a small office, a large industrial warehouse, school or listed building you can trust Midland Fire to provide crucial life safety systems.

We focus on non-domestic installations and cover all industrial, commercial and public sectors. Services are available throughout the UK.

Helping your business meet its legal obligations

UK HSE regulations require that commercial buildings with more than one storey have a disabled refuge area.

Refuge areas must meet certain criteria, these are covered in BS9999:2008. As well as describing suitable areas for refuge and the type of construction, the Standard specifies the need for two way communication.

It is a “system that allows voice communication in either direction between a central control point and a number of other points throughout a building or
building complex, particularly under the direction of management of firefighters.” (BS5839-9:2003 3.3).

Midland Fire work with the major brands such as C-Tec, Baldwin Boxall and The Alerter Group, ensuring the products we install comply with the latest standards.

What systems are available?

Traditional Wired Disabled Refuge Systems

A typical disabled refuge system offers two-way communication via a hard wired connection. The disabled refuge ‘call’ panel is located in the refuge area is connected directly to a control panel in a designated safe zone, usually located in the fireman’s entrance.

The system is not connected to an external phone line and acts as a reliable communications method between the disabled refuge area and control panel only.

Wireless Disabled Refuge Systems

Wireless systems work best in situations where there are restrictions on modification to an existing structure like in listed buildings or schools. A wireless solution removes the need to run cables through walls and is generally easier to install than a traditional system.

Midland Fire engineers can advise on the best system for your business. if you would like to know more about wireless systems please get in touch.

Planned Maintenance

To keep your disabled refuge system in good working order Midland Fire offer customers a Planned Preventative Maintenance (PPM) Service.

A service includes a complete system health check including panels, wiring and audible/visual warning devices. Up to date documentation is provided to ensure compliance with the latest standards. Please contact us for more information.


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