• Fire suppression systems and sprinklers

    fire suppression systems

Design, installation and servicing of fire suppression systems

Automatically extinguish fires with minimal damage to property

Fire suppression systems like automated sprinklers can prevent a fire from spreading and even extinguish a fire before it spreads. This drastically reduces the risk of serious injury and damage to your property.

There are several different gas and liquid solutions, each with an advantage in specific situations and locations. Like our fire alarm solutions this kind of system requires regular maintenance to ensure it works in an emergency situation.

Midland Fire offer a range of systems based on C02, water based and synthetic gas depending on the environment and potential fire hazards. Our Fire engineers will work with you to assess the areas of risk and specify a system suitable for your business needs. Once the system has been installed a planned preventative maintenance plan (PPM) is available to ensure your system is in good working order.

What systems are available?

  • C02 Fire Suppression Systems
  • Synthetic Gas Systems
  • Inert Gas Systems
  • Water Based Systems (Sprinklers)

Which system is right for my business?

A qualified fire engineers will visit your premises to determine the most suitable fire suppression system for your business. We work with you to ensure the right solution is installed in the right location depending on the environment.

If you would like a free consultation and quotation, please contact us.

Who do we work with?

Whether your business premises is a small office, a large industrial warehouse, school or listed building you can trust Midland Fire to provide a cost effective fire suppression system.

We focus on non-domestic installations and cover all industrial, commercial and public sectors. Services are available throughout the UK.

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